Through The Coloured Glass

Looking through the coloured glass

Through The Coloured Glass

Through The Coloured Glass    Looking through the coloured glass

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu       


‘Through the Coloured Glass’ is an except from the poetry anthology – Vials of Almonds

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As crystal it appeared,

The best ever seen,

Careful description could I give,

Very lovely as the truth,

Its gifts it gives, itself to all;

Not a protest is made.

The world and its riches,

into the palms of men they land.

With smiles of gloom, my share I received.

“That’s fate”, I said,

as I looked through the coloured glass.



Aback did I go,

as the desire in me grew.

Vain the gift of life has proved.

Why does fate treat men thus?

What you chose you have.

“Away from my situation!”, I said.

Then play the game.



The rule did I follow,

As the desire didn’t I let go.

Alas! a price to pay;

So much it seemed, but could be done.

To succeed is to work,

To work is to do it right.

Then fate smiled at me,

As with faith I played along.

The better my package became;

Then did I look back to see the world again.

So bright my eyes shine,

and clearer my sight has become,

For looked not I through the coloured glass.



About the poem

‘Through the Coloured Glass’ is written as a conversation with fate or the hand that decides what men get out of life. The writer opines that sometimes what we get out of life depends on our view of life. Seeing life through a tinted glass produces a blurry view. We may never get the best out of life unless we change our view.



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