Think About It Nigeria

Think About It Nigeria

Think About It Nigeria

Think About It Nigeria

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by Damilola Adeyemi

May 2021



This is our country Nigeria.
A lot of things is going on in this era;
The giant of Africa,
In a state of great diaspora.


During colonisation, we complained of,
Hardship, slavery, forceful ownership of our resources by our colonisers, and many more.
We all couldn’t wait for a year like 1960,
When we are free indeed
And we could govern our country ourselves.


It started with the military regime,
When the laws were strictly adhered to.
That was when the law that states:
“Everybody is equal before the law” was rightly used.


Soon after, came the democratic system of government,
Where both the citizens and the leaders have free will to do whatever they like.
This is the system of government where the elite is above the law
And the common man has no say in the society,
The time in which stealing, murder, kidnapping, raping, bribery discrimination, nepotism, and all other vices are the order of the day.


Even our leaders are corrupting the system,
Squandering the money meant for the country’s development on their personal needs and family issues.
Who will save us from our leaders who are colonising its citizens?


All we want and pray for is peace, freedom, equality before the law, and most importantly good government.
But we can only achieve this by changing our attitude;
Our notion, motion, and our thinking towards our beloved country,
And this will not happen unless we start saying positive things towards our country, our leaders, our lives, and our future…
And this change starts with us,
It starts with me and you.


If we can be one, if we do not discriminate against our fellow citizens because of;
Tribe, age, race, financial status, disabilities, and many more,
Trust me! This our country will be one of the most loved, successful and celebrated countries in the world.
Not because of our resources or money,
But because of the love we have and show towards one another.


Because we live in unity and we are inseparable
And because we strongly believe that:
“United we stand, divided we fall”
And we work toward it.


I stand, pray and believe in one great and peaceful NIGERIA.

What about you?




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