There Is A Little Hero In Us All

There is a little hero in us all

There Is A Little Hero In Us All

There Is A Little Hero In Us All

by Chinyere Nwosu    There is a little hero in us all

July 2021



As a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete

And a flower course through the rock

They sing of strength and tenacity that shame defeat.



The little boy lends his mother a hand

And brags like the peacock

He trains his biceps for years to come to keep his acts grand.



Girls cook and clean, keeping the home sparkling.

For the love of their looks and the elegance of their frock,

They polish not just the home but themselves, keeping things from darkening.



Mothers nurse us and manage home affairs.

They bring in the groceries despite the gridlock,

And for our good, mothers hope even in the face of despairs.



We trust the fathers are strong and lean on them as pillars.

To the children, the fathers’ eyes pierce through their minds like a Sherlock.

Their presence level the children’s fears like a road under a caterpillar.



Time fails me to mention all in their different roles,

But one thing is undeniable in this poll.

Despite the constraint of time and fate,

Each has given so much; they live to motivate.



They don’t leap through tall walls,

Their acts are but little things that matter.

They did not stop bullets or ride the bulls,

They serve you beautiful things in gold platters.



Without capes or face masks,

These little heroes untangle the knots in our lives.

They go through their tasks taking the risk,

Helping our unbelief and making us thrive.




About the poem

We all are heroes. The little acts that get us through the day are the things that make our lives. Even just a little smile from you could be all that someone needed to light up his day. There are times we do not appreciate our beauty. This lack of appreciation can occur because: 

(a) we do not see the beauty in our lives, 

or (b) because we have become so accustomed to our lives that we no longer notice.  

It may also be because (c) we are ignorant of the ripples of good that follow our simple acts of kindness. 

This poem – There Is A Little Hero In Us All – is for all the unsung heroes. It is for everyone that gets up each day and shows up. 




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