The Spirit of Christmas

A king is born

The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu             A king is born

December 2020



The cold wind tells the tale,

Beautiful as it may be,

Snow falls, dust, and dew,

From the wings of the world,

We know it is time.


Time to celebrate,

Time to share our love,

To kiss our loved ones and give bear hugs.

Time to set the tree,

Time to wrap the gifts,

To hope the elf comes bearing good tidings.


Many wait through the night,

Fireworks light the sky at midnight,

Hallelujah chorus fills the air,

And where I come from, it is firecrackers time,

All for the same reason, a king is born.


Born in a manger, the lowliest of places,

Born to a carpenter, the lowliest of class,

Born of a virgin, the lowliest in womanhood,

Born a Nazarene, the lowliest of the ecclesiastic,

Born away from home with the fewest of relatives in Bethlehem, the lowliest of towns,

Born, surrounded by sheep, the meekest and lowliest of animals.


But his star shone brightly in the sky,

Melodies echoed, from heaven,

Angels announced his birth.

All hail the King!

All hail the Lord!

All hail the Saviour born!


Bring your gifts of love and faith,

Gratitude and praise all smell as good,

Just like the shepherds, seek the King,

Your best present, please, bring your friends,

Let us bow in worship. A king is born.


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About the poem

Many things come with the season of Christmas. The most evident is the joy and happiness it brings to all and sundry. This poem shares some of the elements of Christmas. It highlights the birth of Christ, the music that accompanies the season, the weather, and some things we do to commemorate the season. As you celebrate, remember the reason for the season, share some love, and have fun. Merry Christmas from us at HQ Words.



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