The One My Heart Beats For

The One My Heart Beats For

The One My Heart Beats For

The One My Hear Beats For

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by Damilola Adeyemi

May 2021


Her name is Idaya

But I love calling her Maya

Because she is an angel’s replica

Always dressed in her favourite attire

Which is her native regalia.


Her skin glows like honey

Like the diamond, her teeth are always glittering

Like stars, her hair is always shining

Her colourful lips are charming

Her facial look is enticing.


Her eyes tell many stories

Her smile has a lot of meanings

Behind her smile is a girl full of worries

Concerning her abandoned studies

And her struggling parents and siblings.


A girl who lives in a woody

But behaves like a townie

My love for her is never ending

Soon I will pay her dowry

And we will be together till eternity.



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