The Day Death Died

by Finayon

…, and man ate the fruit, then everything changed.
Pain in delivery
Pain in labour
What a tragedy
The trouble began
Manifestations of woes
Brothers killing brothers
Kingdom against kingdom
With all the development and civilization,
evil grew worse

Men began seeking solutions,
Day and night
Craving for answers
Craving for power, fame, materialism, money,
Yet the problem of man became worse.
Men began searching for light in the dark places –
Men consulted occults, under the seas, the rocks, in the trees, on the mountain top, and more than ever, among the dead.
Because man believes that death is the ultimate,
For man knows that every man will die one day.
Death had swallowed many – great and small, rich and poor.

Oh! Man
Who will deliver you?
Who will deliver man from the power of death?

Death, the life beyond
Death – the conquest
Who will deliver men?
Oh! poor man
Man himself knows
That no matter the status he achieves
He will be conquered by death
Oh! man
The mystery of death
is more than man can comprehend

Then the prophecy came to pass.
The prophecy that one day
The seed of the woman
Will come and deliver man from the power of sin and death.
But, man could not understand the ways of divinity
The man could not understand the ways of the almighty.
The woman’s seed came
and lived among men, but the man still did not understand.
The woman’s seed lived and moved among men,
but men did not understand.

He was a man and was taught by men
Weak like men
But strong like God
Performed miracles, signs, and wonders, but yet man is far from understanding,
Oh! Man.

Again another prophecy came to pass.
The seed of the woman
Was brutalised, despised, ostracised, refused, abused, and crucified
And men still did not understand yet the more.
Men taught they were doing the work of God
By killing the seed of the woman.
Man did not know
Nor understand
That the grave is about to lose its sting
That death is about to die!

Once again, a new prophecy came to pass.
And the seed of the woman died on a Friday afternoon
that Friday is called “Good.”
But how can an innocent man be killed on a Friday, and men called it ” Good Friday”?
Oh! man

When you take a deep taught at all these events
It is difficult for a man to understand
Everything that happened first took place in the realm of the spirit
Spiritually designed
Since the creation of man, Satan has been in charge of the system of this world.
And to take authority and dominion from him
It has to be by a greater power beyond man.
So, the woman’s seed was killed, like a criminal on the tree.
Physically he was dead, but spiritually, there was much more yet to be revealed to the natural eyes.

Jesus the Christ died and went underground,
Exactly where Satan and his assistants were celebrating.
They were celebrating that the whole show was a success.
They used the religious leaders of those days to kill Christ – the seed of the woman,
So the celebration was big.
For he has been a threat to them
Satan and his agents taught they had won
Not knowing that was the trigger
Who is it that won? Satan or Christ?

Jesus the Christ appeared under the ground,
the demons guarding the meeting place, and Satan saw the light.
They were as dead in the blink of an eye.
Immediately, Satan knew something was wrong.
The light of Christ was so much that even Satan could not behold it
Jesus the Christ got Satan arrested and took the key of hell and death from him.
While all his demons were dead on the floor like logs of wood
Jesus the Christ had won!
Oh! Grave, where is your sting?
Oh! Death, where is your power?

In the realm of the spirit, this great battle of darkness and light took place on Saturday.
Then, Jesus, the Christ, used the key to open the grave
for all those who had lived for God wholeheartedly,
and they came back from the dead and appeared to men and women all over the world, including Jerusalem physically.
…, and death died!
Death became powerless!
Death Died once and forever!
So, if you believe in Jesus the Christ as the son of God
and trust him as your Lord and Saviour,
death no longer has power over you.

All the paparazzi of culture, tradition,
and ceremonies are no longer acceptable,
for death had died a long time ago.
Death Died on Good Friday.
This is the good news of the gospel!
The climax of these was when He – Jesus the Christ resurrected on Sunday morning.
You can read the rest in the Holy Bible…,

So, to do a burial ceremony and be mulling people in its name is barbaric.
It makes no sense
People have lost their loved ones, they are grieving,
and some people use the opportunity to milk them dry.
Especially in Sub-Sahara Africa, with all types of traditions.
People are hungry and poor all over the continent.
Such practices have not, and will never make a positive impact on the people.
Take a cue and let the love that Christ bought us with his death reign supreme.


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