Songs of Love

Songs of Love

Songs of Love

Songs of Love  Songs of Love

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu

February 2021




The months sing of the year passing,
Adding unique tunes to make the string –
Colours change, fade, and emerge,
You just swim because you are submerged.


The second month sings of love,
Talks of the pairs, their beauty, and suave.
It flies the colours of red
And breeds hope for the rift it mends.


Songs of love rise in many different tunes.
You will find your fit, no need to be gloomy.
Songs of love rise with many beautiful words.
Sing them aloud abroad.



About the poem

February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s day. The 14th day of the month makes a unique part of the year. All over the world, people give flowers and other gifts to their lovers and loved ones. This poem speaks of the many ways we express love – songs of love – and some features that mark 14th February in modern times.



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