Shambles          SHAMBLES

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu

July, 2018


Are you dazed at my glitter dress?
Star struck by my mortal elegance?
Do you worry about my ability to keep it together
Better than glass shatters on concrete
Despite the odds that keep piling?


I am the face of the jungle
Whose voice you ignore
The strength of the beaten
By your power and influence
I may be shattered, but not broken


No matter the patch on my roof
And the moss around my dwelling
I awake with the sun shining straight from my soul
Ready to take the day, remodel my place
We may have lost once, but we’ll surely rise again.




About the poem

Shambles speaks of the strong will of a typical Nigerian. Despite the odds and the issues he faces everyday, he keeps a positive view about life, focuses on things that make him happy, and keeps building for a better tomorrow.



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