Our Heritage, Our Pride

Our Heritage, Our Pride

Our Heritage, Our Pride

Our Heritage, Our Pride

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by Damilola Adeyemi

May 2021



Oh woman of heritage
Have ye forgotten thy culture?


When you were been woken up by the cockcrow and not the alarm.
You pick up your hoe and cutlass and walk straight to the farm.
After the day’s work, you relax by eating hot pounded yam.


Soon, it is market day, when you hurry to make huge proceeds on time.
Alas! It is almost Christmas time;
You start deliberating on the beautiful aso-oke and beads for your offsprings because now… that is the prime.


You see people plaiting different gorgeous ancient hairstyles before that day.
Old and young gather themselves at night for moonlight stories every day,
Listening and learning from the stories the old one has to say.


And now, this is the day!
You say yay to every food that comes your way,
And you wish for all day just to be like Christmas day.




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