Oh! What A Melody!

by Chinyere Nwosu

At the sound of the bell, the voices rise,
Filling the air with melodies, the beauties we raise
What is the song that I speak of? You ask,
Seeing my eyes dance in their sockets and the moment’s glory I bask.

Well, let me tell you a tale;
a beautiful story of the morning.
It began at the wee hours when the darkness takes hold without fail,
and blurs hope of the day dawning.

I awoke from my sleep but hated to leave the bed.
My eyes stayed shut as I wished the darkness lingers,
Then came the beats, the trickles of the rain, and my mind registered this instead.
The beats played on. I could swear I heard the singers.

Maybe it was a dream, or was I still awake?
The rain ebbed, the darkness stayed, my eyes are still shut.
Cricket chirping – the symphony cannot be mistaken; Yes, I was awake.
I could imagine the wings rubbing and crackling as if it will cut.

Then sun rays pierced through my window,
Although my eyes were still closed, I could tell it was daybreak.
I arose from my bed; it was that time of day to make the dough.
Some hummingbirds and doves sang in the trees as I baked.

It was not long before the church bell rang.
The loud toll reminded me to say my prayers.
I raised my hand and did the sign of the cross. Just then, the choir sang.
The voices were as piercing as the sun’s glare.

The melodies, the symphonies, the rhymes, the beauty;
Nature winds the cords, strokes the keys, and plays the music.
I can’t escape it even if I wanted to. Life is rife with this bounty.
Oh! What a melody! The acoustics rise. How therapeutic!

About The Poem

Life has a rhythm, so does everything in life. This poem points at some of the music around us and how everything works in tandem to create this thing called life. We are connected to the symphony even when we are not conscious of it.

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