Nigeria Independence Day



by Matthew Edeh Sunday  Nigeria Independence Day



Oh! First of October!

What do you have to offer?

Can we say we’ve been better?

Are we still that giant of Africa?

We know all the matters from starter to center

Tell me if we should celebrate your coming.


On the first of October

She will be sixty-one years old

Am I still the beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

After you’ve seen sin scenes surrounding her shoulder.


On the first of October

Tell a brother about our fathers,

Tell the understanding of a sister about our mothers,

Their sacrifices and labor for our freedom should be our plate number.


On the first of October

We were reborn and we sounded our horn

In anthem and pledge of our own

We grew in unity like the strength of a unicorn

Woe!!! She’s stolen by traitors,

And she needs great tailors for her garment of love is torn.


On the first of October

We stand again before history

Alas! our love is just a shadow of her past glory

Her face has been painted by the ugly story,

She is just a step ahead and behind.



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