No Greater Birth

No Greater Birth

No Greater Birth

Neney NwobuNo Greater Birth


There is no birth greater than the one who came.

We all sing his praises and wonder how so many mysteries could surround a simple birth.

They said he is flesh, but not man,

But also a son of man

Prolly that explains the misuse of a party,

Many have died planning his day.

Others are sinful, but they call him righteous.

The bustling in the market places and the need to be seen in someone’s own birth makes me wonder,

What use is his reign if we want to reign instead?

I am not a misfit, we all are.

We run from the charade of not celebrating our gains, but we still do ignore the greatest.

I thought on birthdays that we only run to the newborn babes with gifts instead of ourselves, in happiness, in gladness, welcoming him into our painful world with little awareness.

Should we all go to Bethlehem or send our wishes to his parents on social media?

Why bother about a child so far? He wouldn’t see all our efforts.

He is only a baby.


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