Nigeria Will Rise Again

Rise from the fire

Nigeria Will Rise Again

Nigeria Will Rise Again

by Deborah Akerele  Rise from the fire



There is a country,

Far abode in western Africa.

Blessed with resources

Her beauty glows and

her scent is lives imprints

On her seeds.

Her land is green and fertile.

Her rivers flow all over the land.

Not until she was taken captive

By her own men

Who oppressed her.

And soiled her soil,

Destroying her seeds,

She had travailed so much

In pains for her freedom.

She fights, her body invaded

With scars and bruises.

But she will prevail and rise again

For her help has come

Nigeria will rise again

Her roses will bloom again,

The scent of her savour will

attract other nations to her.

For she shall be called blessed

For the Lord delights in her.

And the remnants of her

seeds are of the royal throne

Called out to represent the affairs

Of the Nations.

For I believe in the NEW NIGERIA

I believe she will rise from her ashes



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