Nigeria, Our Pride


My Nigeria
I speak for me
When I say, you are our pride
I speak for all the youth
When I say, you are our hope
I speak for all your children
When I say, you are our home

We may mock you
Yet we want you to thrive
We may complain
Still we want you to grow
I may smirk
But the pain lies deep within

Show your strength, your wisdom, your love
It has been long we saw your glamour
Raise your head from the waters
Giants do not drown in the river
Let this year mark a turnaround for better
Definitely better than your best so far

Make us smile and beat our chests for pride
Pride in the knowledge that our home
Our fatherland and hope
Will forever stand as the Lion
The king and the warrior
Standing tall on the royal hill

Happy Independence Day Celebration, Nigeria!!!

About The Poem

The author describes the place of Nigeria as the giant of Africa. She uses the African saying – “giants do not drown in the river” – as an encouragement, praise-singing, and a sign of hope to show that Nigeria will thrive. The poem also makes it clear that Nigerians believe in their country.

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