Nigeria @ 61

Culture - Northern Nigeria

Nigeria @ 61

Nigeria @ 61

by Adam Sanusi Haruna        Culture - Northern Nigeria

(October 1st ~ Independence Day)

1st October, 2021



A Land with rich natural resources,

Full of scholars and businessmen and women,

With over 200 million people making a survival.

Oh, Nigeria!


Shekarun Baya a Mulkin Namu Matasa Ne Kan Gaba.

Mulkin Nasu Cikin Salo DA Ban Sha’awa.

Shekarunsu Ba Su Hanasu Aikin Kasa.

Oh, Nigeria!


As of that time, the nation attained the state of a boom,

With riches and wealth circulating and food abundant.

The poor had no worry about money or goods.

Oh, Nigeria!


Sai Dai Kash, Yanzu Gashi Dattawa Ke Mulkin Amman Kaico.

Tunanin Tara Abin Duniya Da Gidaje Sunyi Nisa.

Iyalansu DA Yayansu Su Hau Benz Su Sanya Shadda.

Oh, Nigeria!


So many projects were awarded, but nowhere to be found

Mambila Hydro Power and Northern Dry Port are halted

There is no clean water, and the security can’t be explained.

Oh, Nigeria!


Matasanmu An Dakile Su Cikin Kasarsu…

Babu Sana’a ko Aikin Gwamnati.

Yajin Aiki Yayi Yawa A Cikin Jami’oinmu.

Oh, Nigeria!


They say we aren’t too young to be voted,

But, we were not allowed the opportunity to be elected.

Our political system is run through god-fathers…

Oh, Nigeria!


Fatanmu Kasarmu Ta Kasance Abar Koyi.

Wajen Iya Mulki Da Kyautatawa Yan Kasa.

Talakawa Mu Samu Ilimi Da Sana’a Bai Daya.

Oh, Nigeria!


Almost all my relatives were October born.

So, we are true citizens of this nation.

We bow down with sincerity to serve with faith.

Oh, Nigeria!


Despite the fight, hardship, and the time of difficulties…

our Country found itself in during these 61 Years,

We still love 9ja.

Oh, Nigeria!


I Pray to God to guide & protect us and our leaders.

Sixty One Years is not the end of the road.

We can still make it Better.

Oh, Nigeria!


May God bring Peace and Harmony during this Journey.




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