Nature Sings

Nature sings

Nature Sings

by Finayon


Nature singsThe land was green
The flowers in their beauty.
These sights I had seen.
The green grass.
The zebras
The giraffes
The elephants
The ants
Onions, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots,
Parots, Lions, scorpions,
vegetables and fruits, all in their glories.
It is not just a story.
They were all here once.
But now, some disease has eaten them up.
A disease that is worse than COVID, and it keeps eating them now and then.
This disease is called Global Warming.


Disasters in many beautiful lands.
Earthquakes destroy and destroy.
Avalanche of fire outbreaks.
Floods rending millions and millions homeless.
The beauty of the flowers faded.
The grass withered
The climate changed
But human beings refused to change.


Nature is beautiful
Nature is peace
Nature is lovely
But nature is not at peace with humans.
We’ve lost everything to global warming,
And the world leaders still don t have the answer to the problem.
If we don’t take care, we may die due to our negligence.


Nature sings!
Nature has been singing this song, but we are not listening.
We are not paying attention,
Nature has been singing that doom is coming, but we care less.
Our environment is damaged, and she kept calling out to us, but it fell on deaf ears.


What have we done?
Look what we’ve done.
Children do not have shelter,
Disaster upon disaster.
It’s getting harder.
It’s getting worse.
I’ve never seen the abuse of the environment like this for decades.
Wake me up if this is a dream.
Sometimes I feel like I am watching a documentary.
Then I realised, it’s not a movie, it’s not a dream either, this is the rhythm – nature sings.


O that men will take need
To the groaning and sounds of the time!
Nature sings from sunrise to sunset.
Volcanoes and earthquakes beyond human reasoning
And all these breed new diseases and plagues.
The world needs to wake up to the reality of natural disasters, especially in these days and age.
Life matters.


Who will save the babies?
There is trouble on the Earth.
The world leaders are not telling us the truth.
Our children are the ones that will bear the consequences for years to come.
Consequences caused by climate change.
You love me or hate me;
But I will speak the truth
even after I’m gone, generations will testify to my sayings!



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