Nation’s Builders

by Sirajudeen Sherifudeen (Wordsaint)

Who are the nation’s builders?
Is it the youth or elders?
In whom among both can the world manifest?
In what ways would the world be built by the notion of the youth?

Incumbent wills of harmony should be their constructions.
Insurmountable duties and modeling should elope their directions.
The inception of certainty shouldn’t dilute their aims subsequently.
Integrity should flow in between their souls and lung concurrently.

Loving each other is the only way to promote a cordial relationship.
Let the spark inside ignite everyone to elope our friendship.
Lifting each other from sinking can only elevate the world.
Luminary will sojourn in all homes and float like a flimsy word.

Unifying together can guarantee the world to hike in brightness.
Unity will dance hereabout and thereabout then dissuade darkness.
Unions between youths can only provoke the world’s merriment.
Unlimited blessings will slope in the world’s head until it attains its monument.

I stand with Nigeria.
(For better for worse)

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