Myriad of  Insecurity

by Agboola Ibrahim Toyin

Nigeria like the remnants of wrecked Sodom and

Gomorrah where ills turn the bosom of the earth –

a place where dreams become successful like a



Nigeria, my fatherland, my nation, our nation – who has

sewn for herself attire of problem beyond her suit.

Within creasing internal stresses, messes, strains and


Our problem is not the problem but the problem of vision

and inaction of those who serve and save the


We are slaves of adversity, the bane of growth and

murderer of hope.

Our establishment of security secures our insecurity

and not humanity

blows terrible discomfort to our society and incessantly crave a decline to our entity.

When death wants to take a little dog, it prevents it

from smelling excrement.

When extinction wants a nation, it prevents it from

placing values in human lives.

We are in a land where death through great brutality

becomes a usual festivity, and its rapidity blows

terrible fans of sympathy through the consistency of

insurgency, kidnapping with skillful accuracy, and

banditry on a menacing tendency, which has made for

us instability in government and has taken our

beloved compatriots to land unknown.

2014 captivity of young students kept thousands of

mothers in endless agony and dramatically threw the

land intense disharmony.

The recent massive bloodshed of young souls over

Lekki massacre breaks things more apart, and no one is

dared called to account.

Kidnap-for-ransom – a lucrative adventure as

lingering rage of herders becomes six times deadlier

than the Boko Haram insurgency.

Oh! there was a country where things are no longer at


The education we know through schooling is a means for

prosperity, but here it is a niece of abject poverty.

This is not the Nigeria we want. Let us all feature in the

kind of picture we have nurtured for a future we want

for this Nation of great nature. God bless Nigeria.

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