My Ordeal

Bleeding Pen

My Ordeal

by Hades Bleeding Pen



I whispered to the pen,
It cried to show its pain,
It cried out to the paper
Who bled to show its pain.


The blood spilled out to the world
Which treated with disdain,
My deepest darkest secret
My deepest darkest pain.


The pain of having a heart,
to harbour worthless feelings,
Feelings that get you hurt,
Feelings that bruise your heart.


So, I put on my best mask,
A mask that bears a smile,
to cloak my deepest feelings,
to cloak my darkest fears.


I know that living this way
Will make me dead inside,
I’ll be a legit freak,
A certified sadist.


Of course, I know the cost,
and I’m willing to pay.
At least I’ll get a crown,
I’ll get a heart that’s whole.



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