My Letter of No Title

Thank you for your son

My Letter of No Title

by Finayon Thank you for your son


This is my letter to you, my lover.

From a very humble beginning, I was left to chance to survive. Not knowing my left from my right. Still, you had your eyes on me.

Life happened again and again – poor decisions, wrong companies. Yet your plan for me is always good.

It’s been a long road coming, but the journey is still very far.

You kept me through thick and thin.

When I didn’t have food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, you kept me.

My sins are very great, but your love is greater.

The sacrifice on the cross,

Jesus your love takes my breath away.


I taught I knew you yesterday.

I want to know you like I don’t know you and the power in your word.

Every challenge life throws at me,

You use it to give me testimonies. I am short of words.

My joy, my peace, my father, my lover

Your mercies, your kindness, your calling upon me, your purpose for me

I will not take it for granted. Your grace, I will not trade for silver nor gold.

In my weakness, may your strength make me strong.


This is my letter of no title to the invisible One.

The only wise One.

For the rest of my life, may I plunge into your presence, your presence, the essence.

To be absent in this present world and present in the world to come.

In your presence, I want to be forever. Amen.

This is the summary of my life now and beyond.

You know me much more.



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