Loving The Scared Lady


Loving The Scared Lady

Loving the Scared Lady

by Abiola Fausat

March 2021



And gently he pulls her to rest on his chest
Pulling her into a warm embrace
She tried to wriggle out from his embrace
But he held on tightly
He lifted her chin, so she could look him in the eyes
She tried again, this time to look away
But he wouldn’t let her,
And so resignedly, she relaxed. And close her eyes
He stood still, looking at her still figure

Her eyes tightly shut
“Please, look at me,” he said in a very quiet voice
She remained still, and he thought she wasn’t going to open them
And just when he was about to resign fate
She did. Slowly at first. And then all at once,
Staring into his eyes
Boring deep into him, and then she slowly lower her gaze
This time keeping the eyes open
It was as if she was almost scared to look at him
If he didn’t know better, he’d think he’d hurt her badly before
But the fear in her eyes was not for him


She wasn’t scared of him
Perhaps, she was scared because she had been scarred
And couldn’t allow herself to believe he has come to heal her of those wounds
She couldn’t allow herself to believe
I know there are a lot of scars, I’m sorry” he said softly
“You didn’t do me wrong” her voice was barely audible
“I’m begging in his place
I’m sorry a man like me hurt you” he continued
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you when you went through a hard time
But I’m not sorry he left you, cos how could I have met you If he hadn’t
I’m just sorry for all you have been through
And even more sorry for the fact that I didn’t know you then
And now I hope I am not too late
‘Cos all I want is to make you happy
And make only good things happen to you.”




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