Loving Fathers

by Chinyere Nwosu

It is the same in every culture,

your language notwithstanding,

and without any care for your leadership structure;

Fathers are still standing.

They bring in the meat from the jungle

with their shoulders held high in pride.

Not minding the heat of the struggle,

they beam with smiles because they can provide.

Fathers cry when no one is looking

and roar like the lion in public

They feel the pain of their children hooking

tightly to their chests leaving them static.

Yet, the paralysis cannot hold back

the depth of love that fathers have for their children,

which they express sometimes with snacks and at other times with smacks.

Either way, the bond they have is only strengthened.

Fathers extend this token of love to their wives

Keeping the home front auspicious.

They care that the mums laugh and thrive,

as this is the core and spares them the malicious.

Fathers are known to be strong and sturdy,

but they are also soft, scintillating, and snuggly.

They are not described as sophisticated; the stereotype word for them is Rudy.

No matter the description you adopt, fathers are awesome and lovely.

About The Poem

Loving Fathers highlights the role of fathers in the family. Fathers are unique in their role and the poem is written to appreciate the love, care, and concern that fathers show for their family and the joy they get from filling their role. Happy Father’s Day!

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