LOVE – My Country


LOVE – My Country

by Finayon



I live foolishly in the country called LOVE

In the city of loyalty

My street name – Commitment

My house – Affection

My neighbours are Trust and Forgiveness.

My landlord – Respect

So, don’t take me for granted,

Don’t take for a fool,

Because I live foolishly.


I live foolishly does not make me a fool

It is a matter of choice

Sacrifice and kindness are my friends 

I don’t take men and women of potential for granted.

It does not matter

Your colour

Your tribe

Your language

Rich or poor

Bond or free


I love people,

Because people are important

I love people who have visions

People who know where they are going

Discipline and principles are the order of the day in my country.

Welcome to my country

Welcome to my world.


Welcome to LOVE


I’m not perfect in my ways

Or my strength

I make mistakes

And I do everything within my power not to repeat my mistakes 

I try not to live so seriously

Honour, Laughter, Smiles – My companions

So, don’t take me for a fool


I live foolishly does not make me a fool

I live foolishly

That does not mean I’m a fool

It s a matter of choice

I lay me down, and I sleep

I wake up because

LOVE lifted me

Down on my knees

I make my pleas

LOVE makes me free

My religion

My country

My passion


Love for humanity

Live for divinity.



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