I’ve Been To The Mountain Top

by Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elija

We have come all the way

With tears in our eyes

We have come treading our paths

Through the blood of the slaughtered

Here is where our story ends

Out of the gloomy past

Till now we stand at last

Where the white gleam

Of our bright star is cast.

I no longer know how to embrace

The things that break me apart

I have always believed that hope

Insists despite all contrary evidence

Maybe hope isn’t enough to bring about change

Maybe courage is not enough to conquer fear

Maybe peace is not enough to quench war

I’ve been to the mountain top to see the future

We’ll rebuild from the ashes of our heroes’ past

I’m broken, I’m angry, I can’t wait

I’ll pick the piece of myself from muddy waters

Maybe if we had to stay broken, we won’t be bleeding

The road ahead will be long

Our climb will be so steep

We may not get there anytime soon

But I’ve never been this hopeful

As I scribble these words on paper

We as a people will get there.

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