Her Heart is Full of Light

A woman by British Library

Her Heart is Full of Light

Her Heart is Full of Light  A woman by British Library

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu

March 2021





There was a celestial presence,

One that burned bright white.

It hovered far above in the sky.

The brightness was part of its essence.


The flowing hair reaching its waist,

Speaking of beauty and mastery of decoration.

Some fell on the white face covered with a broad smile.

The hair had a hand that held me close in an embrace.


The intermittent blinking of its bright eyes came with tears;

Tears that flowed down with streams of light.

My heart is warmed, my soul stays merry.

I stay curdled in the bosom of this being without any scares.


If for anything, I’d love to stay held here forever,

But my curiosity got the best of me.

I wished to see the whole being,

So, I can talk about it in full measure.


It is dressed in long clothing that shone brightly too.

The warmth extends beyond its grasp,

I feel the heart-throbbing even from this distance.

Its essence isn’t just the light, but the warmth, and love it sends to you.


I see the being smile at me!

Its face close to where I lay.

It hovers over me now and then;

That I can sleep easy in its presence is guaranteed.


Alas! I see things in their real colours.

The being has a name, wears different colours of clothing, and lives with me.

It frowns sometimes and yells too.

Yet, its essence is never tinted, it stays fresh like morning blossom of flowers.




About the poem


This poem is written in praise of mothers and women in general. It conveys the care they show, the kindness they extend, and the sacrifices they make to keep us going. It also captures the tough love they show when we are out of our wits. This week is dedicated to mothers with different organizations holding different celebrations to mark the occasion. As you stand with mothers this season and “choose to challenge” those norms that make their essence burn a little less brightly, remember to show the women in your life that you appreciate them for who they are.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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