Great Fatherland

Lagos city, Nigeria

Great Fatherland

Great Fatherland

by Agboola Ibrahim Toyin    Lagos city, Nigeria



I will not talk about him, like a lizard that ruins his own

household, he nods and moans

“call me a giant for I have done what only me can do.”

Here, the reward for mother’s labour is to bequeath

her child to a stranger like loans from another clan

for headless projects which resort to casting

noose on our fatherland.


We’re strangers in our land.

The land that saw past heroes struggle for emancipation.

Though the Economy is a fat man that the earth is

too small to sit on but finds a seat in the tummy of folks in

political kingdom through political gimmicks.

Like the hen that sucks her eggs before it hatches

reproduces smothered chicken in her shit.

What home or hope does she clamour for?


Dreams are pre-mature

as though the bearers have not had them well.

Creativity! lame over lashes from poor infrastructure.

The man is a sucking child, suffering from immaturity.

What social peace do they still clamour for?

Democracy though, operation crocodile smile

compensation for mouths that paint well political-ills.


Like the tiger who knows not the cat as clan

sees his kingsman as prey.

Like the breeze that blows fowl rump,

political turns expose differences and

pierce the bond of unity that spells diversity

making one another a martyr in the race for office.

What growth then do we pray for in

our great fatherland?



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