Forbidden        forbidden

by Chinyere Enyim Nwosu

September 2018



I crave the milk with my cries
Fed all the cup till it dries
I lay and play until the day is done
Sleep covered through the night still until dawn


My throttle and shivers and shaky stance
Raise applause at every glance
Encouraged and cheered to repeat
The little act of my feat


I smile and laugh and scream at will
No band nor ghosts to hush me still
My dance at every sound appears cool
And meets the trendy say of ‘cool’


What’s gone wrong? I wish to know
My mind fails me after the winter snow
Which marks the year the world let me in
To live this thing called ‘Life’ in full within


Don’t touch. Don’t say. Don’t do.
I wander if it is same for the Jew
Hold this, hold that, let go of that
You can guess my confusion at all that


Can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t chew,
Swallow and hold it in. No dance crew
My face is flushed, my eyes down cast
Please, rescue me from this bond as fast.



About the poem


Forbidden highlights the line between childhood and adulthood, the toddler stage and growing up. The society applauds every little effort a child makes and encourages him to try again. However, there is a list of rules you must follow when you grow up and sometimes it appears the list has no end.



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