Faces of Love    

by Chinyere Nwosu

Love wears a smile

Love wears a frown

Love is sweet 

It fills you with hope 

Love is bitter

It is a dream crusher

Love wraps you with warmth

Its space is cozy

Love is laden with violence

You cannot escape its masterful uppercut

Love is trust

You live knowing it’s got your back

Love is betrayal

It walks away when you least expect it, selling your treasures for a fee

Love is peaceful

It encourages resolution and sharing

Love is rancour

The spite and venom keep you on your toes

Love is the fuzzy feeling

The butterfly in your stomach

Love is the sharp pain

That reaps your heart apart

Love is a hug

The many types of hugs you want

Love is refrain from an embrace

Turning away from things that hurt you

Love is giving

Beautiful roses, chocolates, ponies, and the likes

Love is taking

Privileges and benefits that send you crashing

Love is welcome

Love is goodbye