Eclipse of the Mind


 Eclipse of the Mind

by Nuhu Hussein Isa




The human mind is no dumping place for refuse,

instead, it is the royal dining table 

upon which only the best of meals are to be served.

No courtroom can find a broken mirror wanting for depicting beauty as the beast,

Just as the computer tongue will say –  

“garbage in- garbage out” or “what you see is what you get.”

You are responsible for whatever the mind makes you think, do, and become!.



The mind is no elastic to be stretched,

It is more or less a balloon that beautifies its environment when moderately aired.

Does deflowering need more than a pricking?

The mind was after all a tabula rasa;

an envelope to place therein a heartfelt letter filled with either the most soothing of words 

or a bomb letter filled with explosives.



The guided mind is like the sky at its bluest blue,

That stunned its viewers and dignified its body whole like a gift wrapped with sheets of calmness.

While the retard mind is like an eclipse scenario,

puzzled its onlookers as its body played host to countless aggressive personality disorders,

But like with after every eclipse, the mind can still regain its galaxy of stars-like brightness!.



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About the poem


Taking care of what goes in and comes out of our body, mind, and ears is crucial for our religious, economic, social, and mental well-being and health. The realisation is that no matter the amount of damage done, there is help in some lifestyle choices that can help us find peace again and take charge of our well-being.



About the author

Nuhu Hussein Isa is a vibrant Nigerian poet and student seeking to bring to notice the beauty of nature with art. If he is not writing or reading, he is on Facebook and WhatsApp chatting with his league of beautiful besties.






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