Divinity at work

Divinity at Work

by Finayon

Sometimes, I just can’t explain your love.
‘Cos you are love all by yourself.
Your love is unconditional.
It doesn’t love today
And hate tomorrow.
Your love doesn’t play games with people’s emotions.
Your love is not based on the good I did
Or the bad I didn’t do.
We can’t explain your love.
It’s sovereign.

We are just human.
We strive to be like DIVINITY, but we are humanity, mere dust.
The best of us is the worst when divinity is at work.
It’s not even our works that guarantee our salvation;
It is simply believing in the one DIVINITY sent by faith
and embracing His grace to be saved.
Salvation is through his work on the cross of Calvary.
Continue the work He began through the power of The Spirit in us.
So the Spirit propels us to do good works after we experience
His love, mercy, and grace through the Spirit at work in us.
It really has nothing to do with good works.

When I read the holy book,
I see how filthy I am again and again and again;
Until the blood of DIVINITY speaks for me.
It is not a license for sin.
We don’t derive pleasure in doing evil.
The Spirit is at work in us.
He keeps urging us to retrace our steps and ask for forgiveness through the power of the blood.
This process continues until the coming of our king,
the king of kings.

In the eyes of the world, our king will not come again,
But we have been washed by the blood of the king,
and the Spirit is at work in us,
so we know by the Spirit and by the written word,
that our king is coming back again,
And we are expectant.
That is our hope.
The Spirit is at work in us till we see Him face to face.
Our king is powerful.
The word of our king is fire.

When we build on the word of our king,
When we build our lives on the word of our king,
we get stronger and stronger.
We may go through storms, trials, temptations, misunderstanding, misrepresentation, difficulty, challenges,
loss, delay, attacks from the enemy of our soul,
but through it all, we will overcome.
But when we build our faith in material things, physical things, like fame, power, money, miraculous happenings,
achievements, and worldly things,
the destruction that comes with it is disastrous.

Therefore wisdom is required to build,
build on the word of our king.
‘Cos our king is coming!
Our king is coming!
And before He comes,
His Spirit is at work in us!

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