Daughters of Africa

by Finayon

Black is gold.

Black is beautiful.

Black and proud.

Like an apple tree

among the trees of the forest 

is the black woman among the women of the world

She is beautiful and elegant

She is the daughter of Africa.

She is the Black woman

She sees beyond now

Even though the future is now.

Versatile, consolatory, flexible, goal getting, 

tenacity, purposeful, ambition, vision, dreams, 

insight, foresight, and more are all inbuilt for the daughters of Africa.

Women of distinction

Women of substance

Women of purpose

Please don’t judge her because of the colour of her skin,

for there is more to her than meets the eyes.

She’s been through so much emotional pain, 

Yet, she stands and refuses to let her past determine her attitude and the beauty inside her.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” they said.

But I’ve seen

Beauty beyond the makeups

Beauty inside out

Beauty and brain

She is black and beautiful

Beauty beyond the eyelashes.

She is beautiful through and through.

She is the daughter of Africa.

From the westside to the south, 

central Africa to the Eastside of Africa

The daughters of Africa

Shine like diamonds

Diamonds who have gone through the furnace of fire

I salute the daughters of Africa

I salute the female seed of kush.

With the daughter of Africa by my side

I can run through a troop

Leap over walls,

I can climb mountains

Cross overseas.

With the daughter of Africa by my side

Let me face a mighty army without a weapon of war

And I’ll be victorious

Put me in the dungeon,

The dry out where there is no water,

and maybe there are snakes in the pit,

Their venoms will not harm me

As long as the daughter of Africa is by my side.

Take me to the highest building in the world,

Bless me with all the luxuries, comfort, and pleasures. 

But don’t make me go without the daughter of Africa by my side.

She survives against all odds

Traditions of men do not favour her

Lack of education is a huge setback for her

Oh! the daughters of Africa

Whether in the motherland or the diaspora

The spirit is strong

The spirit is rising

Rising above hate, jealousy, criticism, 

trauma, depression, the laws of men, 

everything that cages her dreams, visions, and her personality.

Rising from obscurity to visibility

For the daughters of Africa are humility personified

The daughters of Africa are Priceless

How lovely!

How Beautiful!

Queens, they are called in the motherland

Precious pearls are their names in the diaspora.

Inspirationally beautiful

You can’t be around the daughters of Africa and be sad all day long

You can’t be around the daughters of Africa and not geared up for greater glory.

Submission is not her weakness

The truth is submission is her strength

Even though she has been taken for granted because she submitted

Oh! the daughters of Africa

Light up my world

Level up my journey to destiny

Oh! daughters of Africa

from sunrise to sunset

May I behold the beauty

The ecstasy and the wonders of the daughters of Africa

About the poem

Daughters of Africa is a poem by Finayon written in praise of the African woman praising her beauty and strength.

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