Daddy’s Little Girl – DDLG


Daddy’s Little Girl – DDLG

by Finayon


DDLGI remember carrying you in my arms, 

singing those songs I composed just for you.

I remember singing those melodies again till you fell asleep in my arms.

Princess, I loved seeing you run all over the house laughing

And pick you up time after time.

Now you have grown up,

You are mature, and we are far apart.

Though you’re far away,

You’ll always be on my mind.

I’m praying for you.

I wish you the best, the very best in all your decisions and endeavours.



Daddy’s Little girl.

Be careful who calls you a friend.

Be careful who influences you,

Be careful whose advice you take.

Put God first in all you do.

Love others because people matter.

You can make mistakes, but do your best and don’t repeat your mistakes.

Hold on to your dreams, and don’t give up on your passion.

Let no one belittle you no matter what,

Never feel inferior to anyone. 

Be the best version of yourself.

Be beautiful.

Be you!



I can t overemphasize that.

Daddy may not be there forever, but the almighty will.

So put God first in everything you do.

Remember God all the days of your life.

A situation may be beyond you, 

You may go through pain and difficulties, 

But don’t ever lose yourself, and don’t lose courage.

You may shed tears one time or the other,

But do everything you can and keep the faith.

Let no one talk down on you because of your colour, tribe, or gender.



Be careful who you call your lover.

Love is not just feelings.

Love is a decision.

Love is commitment.

Most of what you see out there is not love but lust,

So be careful.

Follow your intuition when you need to make crucial decisions.

If anything is bothering you, you can come home, and we will talk about it.

Remember, Daddy loves you and always cares.



Take the spec off your eyes before talking about the log-in people’s eyes.

Don’t just dream.

Pursue your dreams with all your strength till fruition.

Daddy is behind you and will give you all the support.

May today be the beginning of the best days for the rest of your days.

May you shine brighter and brighter every day.



Nothing lasts forever.

What lasts forever is what is in you.

So make each day count.

Observe the mood.

Study the environment wherever you find yourself on this Earth.

Be positive in all you do.



Don’t be a liability to anyone.

Do your best, and work hard to earn respect, dignity, and honour.

Pay your bills, and don’t wait for anyone to do it for you.

Your lover should not do all for you.

Support him, pray for him, and he will do much more.

Be versatile, discerning, and flexible,

Ready to unlearn, relearn, and learn new things, always.

Daddy’s Little girl.



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