Christmas Is Here

by Chinyere Nwosu

With much hope for the morrow

We start each year trending

Many resolve to make it better

Tossed and carried by the affairs

Like the high waves that strike

The rocks by the shores of the Atlantic

We sway, striving for balance.

We count the first quarter,

And hope it goes faster,

The Easter and fool’s day in April

Hum the tune – the year is running.

We buy skating shoes

To beat the marathon

But this race is a relay. Where does the baton go?

The summer with sun tanning,

Holidays and the beach

Soon all will pass, leaving little trace

Sometimes, just a Nike shoe

We long for what comes next

To me and my people,

The new yam is ripe.

The farmers light the fire,

The porridge is done.

Never forget the relay is still on

Just that each of us still holds the baton,

We each have one, only the times change,

And when it seems we are about to faint,

We hear the music.

The whistle of the wind

The chill in the air

The fog that marks the dawn

Yes! It smells and fills the air with its sweet aroma.

Christmas is here,

We made it to the finish line.

Christmas has come. We sing in high spirit

Forget your fears, your cares, and your pains

Share in the love the season brings,

Place your gifts in the tray and let them go,

Bless others in need and brighten their day.

Christmas is here,

A time to give, a time to share,

Be grateful for the year, and hold on to your baton.

The race is still on,

This season is done.

Remember, the yuletide brings the end and beginning in one.

Cherish your wins. Be strong for the next year

Christmas is here,

A time of laughter and love.

Share in all it brings.

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