All Hail Naija!

All Hail Naija!

All Hail Naija!

by Finayon



All Hail Naija!You are green and white,
You are productive, simple, faithful, and amiable.
Yet, you survived.
You survived a hostile environment.
You survived ritual killings.
You survived
You survived terrorism
You survived Banditry.
You survived herdsmen, fuel scarcity, ethnic clashes, religious barriers, cultural issues, kidnapping, tribal setbacks, poverty amid plenty of corruption, an unstable educational system, constant power failure,
You survived.


I salute you!
You are a survivor!
I doff my hat for you!
You survived
Through thick and thin!
You survived!
Your country that should create a good environment to harness and explore your natural gift and talent.
A good government to provide a friendly terrain and explore all opportunities around,
Rather, you have to leave your country for greener pastures
You have to survive against all odds.
It is no joke!


Nigerian youths are amongst the most hard-working young people I’ve ever seen.
But with no exemplary leadership, no role models,
I am afraid for the future.!
When the leaders of tomorrow themselves do not have leaders to emulate, then the future is bleak.
Sometimes I wonder. If the coming together of the East, West, North, and South in zungeru Niger state on the 14 January, 1914 was a story or a destiny fulfilled?
How did we get here?
When did this beautiful, prosperous, most populous black nation become like this?
What went wrong?


Lawlessness is now the order of the day.
Take a deep breath.
A lot had gone wrong.
In all of these, we kept on going in the circle.
There is no damage control.
Corruption at all levels had eaten deep into our fabric as a nation.
Strikes again, and again, and again,
From one arm of government to the other.
Fuel scarcity in an oil-producing nation?
How did we get here?
What went wrong?
What is the damage control?


Therefore, let’s give some accolades to our Nigerian brother.
He deserves some encomium.
It is survival of the fittest.
To live, breathe, produce, and be productive in Naija is no joke.
My Nigerian brother, it’s time to wake up.
It’s time to brace up.
Time to take a deep taught.
Time to arise.
There is no time to waste.
This is not a time to take a bag of rice and sell your vote.
It is not the time to give your right for a few naira notes.
What about legacy?
What about the future?
What about putting on the thinking cap?
What about posterity?
What about the next generations to come?
Is it just about food for the belly?
Or belly for food?


Arise O compatriots!!
It’s time to obey!
The call has always been there.
Take a deep breath!
You don’t have to be in the national assembly to know when the traffic light is red, it means stop.
You don’t have to be Mr. president to lend a helping hand to a brother in need.
Whether he is of your tribe and religion or not?
Please stay unbiased!
It is your turn today.
Maybe your brother’s turn tomorrow.
Please stay unbiased!
It is your time.
It is your turn.
The light is on you.


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