A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love.

A Mother’s Love

Chinyere Nwosu



A Mother's Love

Love is a word. We sound it every day.

Everyone knows the word, and no one wishes it away.

All crave its pleasures, but few can take its pains.

Many love its treasures, but few notice the chains.


Love. A word with many meanings 

Little wonder many choose who to love after proper screening.

We know love in parts and share love in parts.

Guarding our hearts has become an art.


But there is a set of beings that give all

without a thought or care, they do not stall

The way they feel the pleasures and pains of love is unique

Their acts tower high above, yet the bearer remains as meek


A mother’s love finds joy in the travail of birth

it finds expression in her tears, anger, and prayer for rebirth.

A mother’s love pets and says it is okay to cry when you are weak

It fills you with strength and pushes you to the peak


Love appears in many ways, 

Everyone knows the word and wants it to fill all his days

A mother’s love keeps its exceptional frame

You can always tell the difference no matter the claim



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