A Boy at 19

by Joel Ekenedilichukwu

Rain has flooded the church
The darkness of the night has overcome the daylight
O! A dark cloud riots the whole sky
The bats roam the dark day
Hmm! a storm all over the world
A storm that threw the entire world off-balance
If stories were told concerning this storm
it would sound like lies with no iota of truth
A boy at 19 conquering the whole world
A boy who put both the big and small in the same attire
A boy at 19, who made it possible to shut down the whole New York
A boy at 19 who shut down the dwelling place of the highest
A boy who made both the rich and the poor grieve deeply
He speaks justice.

O! Great covid,
you wiped the whites in their numbers
did the same to the blacks
A boy who knows not a race, an equalizer
A boy who made the whites grieve even in their wisdom.
O! You great technologists, where are your discoveries?
O! Mighty German soldiers with all your ammunition,
this boy at 19 became impossible to remove
whereas it was possible to take the heads of six million Jews
My marvelous scientists who change men to women and vice versa
who gives life to the nonliving,
who makes a fallen nation stand and enlarges a small nation
who seems almost at the position of the Most-High
Why is it so difficult to treat the brashness of this arrogant boy?

Now in Nigeria, the wonderful leaders who leave their country to another
when attacked by just a mosquito
Ha!ha!ha! You have nowhere to go.
Now we all die in the hospitals you left for the poor
O! Great covid, you’ve done the abominable
yet my brothers in black couldn’t lay their hands on you.
Now the necessary becomes unnecessary
The right turn wrong
The normal now seems abnormal
Look! the money, the power, the discoveries, the changes, the war, and teaching
all of no use in our present situation.
We fall back to the Most High.

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