Nigerian Dance Steps

Nigerian Dance Steps

Nigerian Dance Steps

Do you know about the different Nigerian dance steps?

You see, African countries are best known for their cultural activities, like how they eat, greet, dress, dance, and perform other cultural activities. Speaking of these African countries, Nigeria is not an exception. Nigeria, which claims the name “Giant of Africa,” is also known for its dancing steps, which are admired all over the world. This admiration is both for the traditional and contemporary dance steps.

Nigerian contemporary dance steps can be confusing at times. For this reason, I will be taking the time to discuss different Nigerian dance steps. So, without wasting time, let us proceed –

Nigerian Dance Steps

Nigerian Dance Steps

Most Nigerian dance steps were first performed by different popular Nigerian singers such as Davido, Olamide, Kizz Daniel, and even Portable.

Below are the most popular Nigerian dance steps you should learn to stay trendy.



As a Nigerian youth, if you could not dance Zanku when it originated, it counted as you can not dance. You see, Zanku was discovered by Zlatan Ibilie close to the end of the year – 2018.

This dance step involves a ten-ten foot match, leg work, and likely Karate jump kicks, which locally are known as gbeing body.

Zanku is considered the freshest of the Nigerian dance steps.


Shaku Shaku

Shaku shaku is one of the Nigerians’ dance steps. It requires the movement of both legs and hands, although most people dance without causing their hands to move.

This song was so popular that it could fit into any music beating that existed then. Most Nigerian singers used to make their songs back then featuring the Shaku shaku dance, and olamide is one of these singers.


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The genesis of Etighi began from Calabar and migrated to Akwa Ibom state before it circulated into other states in Nigeria. This dance was first performed in Calabar music – a music video titled “Etighi.” However, the Etighi dance became popular after the known Nigerian musician, Iyanya performed it in his 2012 hit song, Kukere.

Unlike other Nigerian dance steps, Etighi is the simplest to dance.



Azonto was performed by a Ghanaian singer, Fuse ODG, before it went viral in Nigeria. Fuse ODG released the song ‘Azonto’ in 2011, featuring Tiffany. The Azonto hit escalated when Wizkid was captured performing it in a video that later gained more views than the official Azonto video made and released by Fuse ODG.

Azonto is one of the most solid dance steps to have ever existed in Nigeria.


Shakiti Bobo

Shakiti bobo came from the music video – “BoBo,” owned by Olamide. The dance does not possess much flexibility and does not stress the dancer. Shakti bobo is so simple to dance because there is no stress applied to it. You do not need a coach to take you on shakiti bobo lessons.



The Shoki dance could be said to be the most popular Nigeria dance step because of how often Nigerians were captured performing it. The Shoki, however, could fit easily into many music beats, and this contributed to its popularity.

However, there is a controversy on the ownership of the shoki dance step. Nigerians say Lil Kesh owns it, Orezi, or Dre San.



After Sekem was founded, Mc Galaxy was recognised as a star in the Nigerian music industry. In the music video Mc Galaxy released, as he was performing the sekem dance step, he did not just dance all through; he issued guides on how to dance sekem.



Buga is currently the reigning Nigerian dance step in 2022. The dance step was displayed in a video by the popular Nigerian singer -Kizz Daniel titled “Buga.”

The song was produced in 2022, making it the most recent and popular dance step in 2022.

Kizz Daniel, in the music video, issued a guide on how to dance Buga. The music video’s chorus says – “Go low low low, go low low low, Buga o.”


Zaa Zoo

Zaa zoo has the most danced street dancing step this year in Nigeria. The dance came from a music video owned by the popular Nigerian artist, Portable. The dance step possesses different dancing skills and movements of the body; it doesn’t have certain moving steps.



Nigerian superstar – David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido originated the dance step, Skelewu on August 28, in the year 2013. The dance step followed Davido’s 2013 hit song titled “Skelewu.” However, this dance step and the song promoted David Adeleke by issuing him recognition home and also far away from home.


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Most Nigerian Afro-beat music originates at least a dance step, which means there is a strong possibility for any Nigerian musician to add a dance step to their music career whenever they produce any music.

This has addressed what you need to know regarding the Nigerian dance steps. You can also reach out to us in the comment section if you have any comments regarding the Nigerian dance steps. We will be glad to hear from you and chat with you.

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