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My Sister, the Serial Killer Summary

This is a summary of Oyinkan Braithwaite’s novel – My Sister the Serial Killer.

My Sister, the Serial Killer is a novel by a Nigerian-born British writer Oyinkan Braithwaite. The novel, first published in 2019, is Braithwate’s debut. Braithwaite holds doctorate degrees in both Creative Writing and Law.

My Sister, the Serial Killer is set in the busy and crime-thriving Lagos and is about a beautiful psychopathic girl who is on a killing spree of her admirers. She has killed three men without being caught or suspected due to her sister’s craftiness in cleaning the traces of her crimes. Her sister loathes what she does but finds it worthwhile to protect her from being caught by the police. 

Plot Summary

The novel opens up with the story of Korede, a young girl, who’s a practicing nurse at a clinic in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Korede lives sentimentally in the protection of her beautiful sister, Ayoola. 

Ayoola’s beauty attracts a plethora of attention from men. She has killed three of her male worshippers, and her sister, Korede conceals her crime and finds a way to stop her from killing more.

The story starts with the third person, Femi, who Ayoola killed. Korede is bent on erasing the evidence of her sister’s crime. She knows the best way to clean the blood of the dead and package them like a mummy and throw their remains into the core of the lagoons dividing Lagos. 

Korede crushes on handsome Dr. Tade Otumu, a doctor working at the clinic where Korede works, but she’s confused about how to get the doctor to ask her out. Tade is unaware Korede harbors such feelings toward him and goes on to request Ayoola’s number from her. But she’s troubled Tade might end up like other men who have worshipped her sister if she allows him to connect with Ayoola.

Due to Ayoola’s lifestyle, Korede avoids keeping friends, and when she needs one to confide in her problem, she meets Muhtar Yautai, a patient who has a fatal accident and is in a coma in the clinic.

Korede is disturbed by Ayoola’s unremorseful attitude and thinks her sister is psychopathic and even sees herself as a victim of her sister’s brutality. Her perceptive mind brings her back the memory of her brutal, selfish, and uncaring father, who, however, is friendly to outsiders. She believes Ayoola takes resemblance from her father, but despite this, she still finds it necessary to shield her.

When Muhtar wakes up from the coma, she tells Korede he has heard her confession and comforts her in turn. He promises to keep her confessions secret and teams up with her to save Tade.

Korede subtly warns Tade to play safe with her sister. However, he thinks she’s attempting to keep him away from Ayoola. 

Tade prepares to propose to Ayoola; Korede finds his desperation worrisome. So she stole the diamond ring he bought for the purpose and made up a story of its loss. Tade defies Korede’s warning and goes to propose to his girlfriend. Sometime later, Korede gets a call from Tade, and she rushes there and finds a knife in Ayoola’s hand. They are brawling; the knife is stuck in Ayoola’s belly. 

Korede takes Ayoola to a hospital; she’s operated on immediately. She survives the surgery. As usual, Korede attempts to protect her sister and tells Tade to keep the matter secret. She threatens to report him to the authority for brutally attacking her sister for refusing his advances if he dares speak up.

When Ayoola recovers from her surgery, she tells the police the same thing— she accuses Tade of stabbing her for refusing his advances. Consequently, Tade is arrested. The medical union revokes his medical certificate, and he was imprisoned for attempted murder.

Muhtar tells Korede to keep in touch while leaving the clinic. Korede thinks him a friend but values her need to protect her sister more hence rips off the page of Muhtar’s phone number to lose his memory in her heart. 

Ayoola has gotten a new worshipper, whom she has introduced to Korede, and she goes on to meet him, the next potential victim of her brutality.

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