Must Try Nigerian Dishes

When you visit Nigeria, there are some meals you must try to make your visit complete. Here are a list of Nigerian dishes you must try if you want to brag about eating the Nigerian way.


Must Try Nigerian Dishes

It is often said that one of the best ways of connecting with a new country or a new town aside from meeting the locals is by trying out dishes particular to them. Nigeria is home to more than 200 ethnic groups. She has a rich cultural heritage, with lots of dishes, that will magically turn you into the proverbial “Oliver Twist”. You will definitely ask for more!


First on our list is;

Jollof rice and platain1. Nigerian jollof rice:

 Jollof rice has so many variants in Africa, but the Nigerian recipe stands out as the best. Jollof rice is always a part of every occasion in Nigeria, and it’s every child’s favourite dish.

No rice recipe tastes better and draws people closer, better than “Party Jollof”, and fried chicken. And if you want to spice things up, you can add some veggies like carrots and green beans to give it a taste that your taste buds will thank you for.



Roasted platain and grilled fish2. Boli and grilled fish: 

Now, this may not look like your typical dining table meal because it is a meal, meant to be savoured with bare hands, and it is enjoyed mostly in local “bukas” (local restaurants). Boli is a fairly ripe plantain, that is roasted and can be enjoyed with groundnut if you’re opting for a light snack or with well-marinated grilled fish garnished with fresh vegetables for a full meal. Enjoy this dish with fresh sweet palm wine, and your taste buds will be in Heaven!


Pounded yam and egusisoup3. Pounded yam and egusi soup: 

Egusi soup in Nigeria has many variants. The “Yoruba” kind of Egusi will most likely taste different from the “Igbo” recipe. The south-south, particularly Delta state, has another variant of this dish called Egusi-pepper soup. Irrespective of which variant you decide to try, this delicious melon soup filled with vegetables and spices alongside pounded yam will leave your taste buds bursting with deliciousness.




Afang soup4. Afang soup: 

This monumental Ibibio/Efik dish has won the hearts of many. Prepared with Wild spinach (Gnetum Africanum), locally known as Afang, and Water leaves(Talinum fruticosum) seasoned with beef, fish, crayfish, and spices, then topped with locally prepared palm fruit oil to unify the ingredients. This mouth-watering dish is best enjoyed with eba or foofoo.




Moi Moi5. Moi Moi: 

Bean pudding, locally called Moi-Moi, is a multi-purpose, all-in-one balanced meal. It can be served as a side dish or enjoyed as a standalone. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, and it is quite easy to prepare this very tasty meal.



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Goat meat pepper soup6. Goat meat pepper soup: 

If you are up for something hot and spicy, then this dish is your best bet. Goat meat pepper soup is well-garnished goat meat cooked to perfection and savoured alongside a special soup prepared from the meat stock. This national delicacy is enjoyed by all tribes in Nigeria. Goat meat pepper soup can be eaten with white rice, boiled yam, or boiled plantain.



Akara7. Akara: 

Bean cake, commonly referred to as Akara, is the country’s national snack. It is prepared with dehulled beans, onions, fresh pepper, and salt to taste. This delightable snack can be enjoyed by all. It is rich in protein and vitamins and is best eaten with Pap (locally made custard variant). This dish will make the perfect healthy breakfast, even for vegetarians.



Suya and masa8. Suya and Masa: 

This delicacy is the most popular street food in Nigeria; it is sold at night. Weird right?! The best suya and masa are prepared up north. The dish is a northern Nigerian recipe. It contains thin strips of well-seasoned beef grilled to perfection and served with specially prepared suya seasoning, onions, and Masa (fluffy rice snack).



Abacha9. Abacha: 

Abacha, otherwise known as African salad, is best prepared in Eastern Nigeria. This iconic salad is enjoyed by everyone and is made with lots of dried fish and vegetables seasoned to make your taste buds crave more. This dish is very special to the Igbos.




Red tomatoe stew10. Red tomato stew: 

No Nigeria home can ever do without her favourite all-rounder dish. Rich red tomato stew served with white rice is a Sunday afternoon special delight in most Nigerian homes. The stew is prepared with any meat of your choice. You can even use fresh red tomatoes, fresh pepper, garlic, ginger, and onions blended and sauteed with your preferred choice of meat. Feel free to explore by adding fresh basil leaves or curry leaves to it.



Which of these Nigerian dishes have you tried? If you are Nigerian, which of these dishes is your favourite? Share your experience in the comment section.


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