Music and Me

Music and Me

Music and Me

Music and Me

A Personal Story About My Journey

by Finayon


Finayon tells about his journey as a musician in the short memoir – ‘Music and Me.’ Indeed, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Enjoy the story.


Music and Me

It all started in Benin republic, West Africa. I used to play for a traditional music group back in the day. We used to travel around Benin. It affected my studies then; I was in elementary school. I could not get the passing grade needed to attend college because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies.

Afterward, I came to Nigeria, West Africa, with my uncle in 1985.


How it all began

My uncle was a staff of the Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) record company at that time. EMI was a very big music company where you meet with all the big boys in the music industry. After some time, I became a Christian. I became a Christian in 1989 at the University of Lagos – I was working with a professor. Then I joined the choir in 1991. In 1992 I started writing my Christian songs till date.

I’ve grown and matured and bettered my writing. I had to go through training again and again. Even now, I see myself as a student; I am always open to learning new things in music and the music business. Many music practitioners don’t take the time to train for the job. A lot of us are not informed. It is needful to get some pieces of training, formally or informally.


Believe in yourself and put your trust in God.

Finayon 1I’ve sung in many churches in Lagos, Nigeria, and all over Nigeria and Africa. My family doesn’t believe in me. My parents did not believe in me too, but I never let it stop me. I have been privileged to teach teenagers and adults alike my style of music. Many of my students are now in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Sweden, and the UK.

Music has taken me to places I have never dreamed of going.

I’ve been privileged to stand before kings, presidents, and vice presidents. Music has shaped me beyond my wildest dreams.

I can be on the road and hear sounds that only I can hear. Others around me will not.

The gospel circle hardly encourages young talents, but they will celebrate you when you are in the limelight. Thee are very few people in the gospel music circle who will believe in you; this number thins further when they see your failures and mistakes.


First Recording

I recorded my first song in 1997 and released my first album in 1999. Many said I was not going to last in the business. Inside me, I laughed because I knew what I had within. You see, when you have it, you have it. My passion for music is so strong that I don’t care about food or what I wear. I am more concerned about my music than anything else.

I see many things in the church today, and I just wonder.

Our motive for doing so many things baffles me. Many of us are into music for many wrong reasons. Music is not a joke.

Music is for serious-minded people. Unfortunately, many things are just out of place in the music industry and ministry.

Jonny Lever Finayon Johnny's wife their daughter

Finayon with the Indian super star movie maker – Jonny Lever            From left to right
Jonny Lever Finayon Johnny’s wife their daughter

Music has taken me to places.

I’ve been getting nominations, and I also have a few awards to my credit. However, I’ll be so glad when I stand before the king of kings, when he will say, “Well done, you’ve been faithful.” He will give me the best award ever.

I sing and play music when I feel like it and when I don’t feel like it. I pursue music in health, sickness, pain, and pleasure. I remember 1999

I was very ill and had to sing with my choir in the Redeemed campground. I was in the hospital; when everything was ready, my choir leader sent for me, and I said, “I’m in the hospital. I can’t come.”

1999 was when Nigeria was about to enter into a democratic government. So there was a praise concert at the RCCG campground. I was to take one-hour praise worship with my choir, but behold! I was in the hospital. My choir leader said they should bring me like that to the RCCG camp. I was taken from the hospital to the venue. I was still unwell, but when I got on the stage, …

Finayon 2The rest is history.

I can’t count how many times similar to this …

I remember the first day I had to share the stage with the legendary Jamaican gospel artist – Lester Lewis.

I remember when I shared the stage with the Indian superstar –

Johnny Lever. The list goes on.



When preparation meets opportunity 

I believe in timing; things don’t just happen. There’s a need for training. There’s a need for information. We need to be well-informed, whatever the profession we find ourselves. What I see most of the time is everybody wants to be a celebrity; everybody wants to be a star, but nobody wants to pay the price. When preparation meets opportunity – Oh! How great the results are.


Some music tracks to my credit

  • The King and I
  • Timeless (I Adore You)
  • MIZE
  • Bonus
  • Nonvi

Click here to get the songs


The rest is history

May the force of sounds and rhythm be with us all.



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