Motivation for a Healthy Mind


Motivation for a Healthy Mind

Guard your mental health. A sound mind leads to a sound body. Talk to the people that uplift you. “Studies show that people who are part of social networks are less likely to be negatively affected by stressful life events and are less likely to become ill.” (Michener et al; 1988).
This concept has been a part of humanity for many years. This resonates with the African concept of community where a mans problem that may hinder his well-being are treated as the problem of his kinsmen.
One of the consistent predictors of health and longevity is having a strong social support structure.
That’s why it’s crucial to have a “swim buddy” that you can talk to when you’re stressed out.
You ‘swim buddy’ may be a friend, your parents, a colleague, etc – someone you can trust.
If you are someone who people go to for support, do your best to be present and non-judgmental.
? Use your active listening skills
? Ask powerful questions
? Get the person to see patterns or connections
? Help them to size the issue appropriately.
It is important that you stay healthy. A healthy mind will support  and boost your overall health.
Seek help. Be of help.
It makes a world of difference.


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