Most Unique Nigerian Names

Have you ever heard about the most unique Nigerian names?

Nigeria is a country where people’s names matter a lot, and also, if you want to get fast recognition in Nigeria, you need to have a unique name. Do you see why you should give your child a unique Nigerian name if your child is a Nigerian? It is because of fast recognition.

Across the globe, your name matters, so having a unique name adds fast recognition to you and makes people want to relate with you.

So, in this article, we will be looking at some of the most unique Nigerian names. Also, you will find a list of 10 unique names you can call your baby in Nigeria, depending on your baby’s ethnic group.

So, without further ado, let us proceed –

Unique Nigerian Names

Most Unique Nigerian Names

To be very honest choosing the right name for any child is not easy, but do not panic as I have already shortlisted unique Nigerian names you can give your child. Below are the most unique Nigerian names you can give to your child, and their meaning –

For females

  1. Hwara – A girl with a nice complexion
  2. Halimah – Someone who is nice and gentle
  3. Gimbiya – Princess
  4. Akanni – First one
  5. Adaeze – King’s daughter
  6. Ewatomi – Beauty is sufficient
  7. Abaeze – The branch of kings
  8. Achojah – Rise up and face the challenge
  9. Ahunna – A girl with the father’s body type
  10. Adefolake – Your wealth supports us
  11. Nyebet – Patience
  12. Abebi – We asked for a girl child
  13. Adankwo – Baby born on the fourth market day
  14. Itoro – Praise
  15. Akwa-Ima – The greatest love

For males

  1. Abeo – The bringer of happiness
  2. Uwem – Life
  3. Akpofure – Life is now peaceful
  4. Adebeyi – The Royal one
  5. Odudu – Power
  6. Ti-mfon – Recall good deeds
  7. Amaechi – Who knows tomorrow
  8. Akin – The valiant one
  9. Azi – Youth
  10. Taye – He has been seen
  11. Afamefuna – My name will not be lost
  12. Emeka – God has done so much
  13. Ajaka – God is praised
  14. Oshay – The strong-willed one
  15. Uwana – Bright

What Is The Best Name In Nigeria?

There is nothing like the best name in Nigeria. Every Nigerian name has its uniqueness, although there are also weird names.

So, when choosing a name for your child, check for a name that suits the child and is not awful. Depending on your choice and belief, you can give your child an English name, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani, Akwa Ibom, Igbo, or even Efik name.


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Most Popular First Name In Nigeria

There are names in Nigeria that you can not stop hearing in common regions of Nigeria. These names might be English names or any other spoken language in Nigeria. Below are the most popular first name in Nigeria –

  • Emmanuel
  • Abubakar
  • Ibrahim
  • Obinna
  • Emeka
  • Uzoma
  • Adaeze
  • Esther
  • Joy
  • Blessing
  • Okafor
  • Chineye
  • David
  • Solomon
  • Kingsley
  • Favour
  • Oluwatobi
  • Chukwudi
  • Musa
  • Sani
  • Obinna
  • Obi
  • Aisha
  • Umar
  • Adamu
  • Sunday
  • Muhammad
  • Ali
  • Mary
  • John
  • Samuel
  • Yusuf
  • Victor
  • Bello
  • Peter
  • Zainab
  • Ifeanyi
  • Ebube
  • Chiamaka

10 Unique Names You Can Call Your Baby In Nigeria Depending On Your Baby’s Ethnic Group


  • Musa – Boy
  • Bello – Boy
  • Abubakar – Boy
  • Ibrahim – Boy
  • Muhammed -Boy
  • Aisha – Girl
  • Hasana – Girl
  • Uwa – Girl
  • Baiwa – Girl
  • Gwaggo – Girl


  • Inioluwa – Boy
  • Akin – Boy
  • Lade – Boy
  • Adetola – Boy
  • Otedola – Boy
  • Ayomide – Girl
  • Bimpe – Girl
  • Ayotola – Girl
  • Ayoola – Girl
  • Ayotunde – Girl


  • Emeka – Boy
  • Obinna – Boy
  • Obi -Boy
  • Ameachi – Boy
  • Uzoma – Boy
  • Chineye – Girl
  • Adaeze – Girl
  • Adamma – Girl
  • Chioma – Girl
  • Chinaza – Girl

Ibibio & Efik

  • Ntui – Boy
  • Uwana – Boy
  • Iyene – Boy
  • Edi-obong – Boy
  • Ukpono – Boy
  • Eno-obong – Girl
  • Nyebet – Girl
  • Eno-mfon – Girl
  • Akwa-ima – Girl
  • Nsisong – Girl

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Name Affect A Person’s Career?

Not really. While there are minor places that consider your name before working for them, there are a variety of companies that do not consider your name as a criterion for getting a job or getting fit for a job position.

Are Nicknames Important?

No, they are not necessary. But in case you dislike your birth name, you can use your nickname as your birth name.

So, instead of people calling your birth name, they will call you your nickname.

Is It A Must To Bear A Name Based On My Tribe?

No, you can choose to give your child an English name or somewhat another name disregarding the child’s tribe.


While selecting a name that suits your child, you need to meet with people to exchange ideas or look into a name book.

No parent likes it when their child grows up and dislikes their birth name. So, before giving a child a name, you need to make sure the child will love the name in the future.

Hope you found what you needed to know about most unique Nigerian names. The names listed can be a good place to start when choosing a name for your child.



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