Michael B. Jordan In A Futuristic Robot Movie

Michael B. Jordan in a futuristic Robot movie

Michael B. Jordan In A Futuristic Robot Movie

Michael B. Jordan In A Futuristic Robot Movie –  ‘LoveDeath & Robots‘ “Life Hutch

Michael B. Jordan - Robot movie

One of the most engaging robotic movies of all time is  ‘LoveDeath & Robots‘ “Life Hutch” – featuring star Micheal B. Jordan.

The robotic movie is about an astronaut who crash-landed due to his aircraft’s fault and seeks refuge in a shelter where he needs to defeat a robot by outsmarting it to survive.

Since the production of Life Hutch, it has been one of the most viewed robotic movies relating to programming and AI, and if you have not watched the movie before, after reading this article till the end, you might want to try it out.


Michael B. Jordan In A Futuristic Robot Movie

Although this movie is clouded by a lot of fictional scenes, it is a short story that is interesting. The storyline is said to have been written by a prolific sci-fi and speculative fiction writer, Harlan Ellison.

The full story, Life Hutch, is about a seriously wounded astronaut who seeks refuge in a rescue mission after experiencing a crash landing from his spacecraft.

Well, instead of finding a safer shelter, where he finds himself puts in danger of a malfunctioning robot that starts to attack anything that causes motion, forcing the astronaut to outsmart the robot to keep his life.

One of the lessons taught in Life Hutch is the human ability to adapt and be resourceful in times of crisis. This is arguably one of the main advantages of humans over computers running on algorithms and automated systems built for accuracy and speed.

Ellison, the man behind the Life Hutch short story, had the story based on an originally published documentary in 1956, making it an early computer algorithms story that involves the tales of human versus machine, a difficult decision often displayed in pseudoscience.

Judging from the movie, Terence and Michael Jordan attempt to outsmart the malfunctioning robot and after the first attack from the robot, Terrence discovers the robot’s defect, and tricky plays dead while he figures out how to defeat the malfunctioning machine.

The story, on the order hand, turns out to be a kill-or-killed story in which Terrence must turn the robot against itself if he wants to survive 

The astronaut picks up the idea of gaining the robot’s attention by using a flashlight to point at the wall before turning it onto the robot. However, the malfunctioning machine attacks the torch light based on its programming, which lacks the artificial intelligence to recognize that by attacking the light shining on its legs, it will get to destroy itself.

Now, the astronaut has an advantage over the robot and gets in for a final blow to defeat the robot.


Michael B. Jordan Robot Movie Cast

There are three known persons as characters in the movie, Love, Death & Robot’, “And Life Hutch.” The movie, however, featured a certain place and did not need to have many characters as a result.

So, below are the top cast of the movie –

  • Michael B. Jordan as Terrence
  • Michelle C. Bonilla as Commander(voice)
  • Brian T. Delaney as Pilot(voice)

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Michael B. Jordan Robot Movie Crew


  • Alex Beaty as the movie Director


  • Harlan Ellison as the movie Writer

Executive Producers

  • Joshua Donen as the Executive Producer
  • David Fincher as the Executive Producer
  • Victoria Howard as the Supervising Producer
  • Jennifer Miller as the Executive Producer
  • Tim Miller as the Executive Producer
  • Al Shier as the Executive Producer

Music By

  • Rob Cairns as the director of Music


  • Ken Seng as the Director of Photography

Film Editors 

  • Julian Clarke as the Film Editor


  • Ivy Isenberg

Art Direction

  • Alexey Andreev

Markup Department 

  • Robert Smithson(contact lens technician)

Art Department 

  • Ioan Alexandrum Ichim

Sound Department 

  • Chris Carpenter Re-recording Mixer
  • Robert Cooper, Mix tech
  • Jonathan Corona as the Assistant Sound Editor
  • Jeff Gross, Foley Mixer
  • Brad North, Supervising Sound Editor

Visual Editorial

  • Dan Akers as the Visual Effects Supervisor 
  • Collin Banko as the Pipeline Technical Director
  • Eddie Bonin as the Visual Effects Executive
  • Tayler Cayce as the Character Effects Lead
  • Gary Christian as the Visual Effects Artist
  • Nicolas Collings as the asset supervisor
  • Jerome Danjean as the visual effects supervisor
  • Chris Fung as the Visual Effects Artist
  • Levi Hedden as the Scene Assembler
  • Kevin herjono as the Scene Assembler
  • Andre Leblanc as the Visual Effects Artist
  • Celine Lam as the Senior Production Coordinator
  • Dan Knight as the Compositor
  • Salman Khan as the Visual Effects Production Coordinator
  • Patrick Keenan as the Compositor
  • Jeremy Paige as the vfx Photographer
  • Kevin Njoo as the Compositor
  • Nathan Mooth as the Pipeline Developer
  • Aamir Moosa as the CFX artist
  • Ryan McDougal as the Head of CG
  • John Zymali as the Motion Capture TD
  • Evgeny Rodygin as the Motion Graphics Designer
  • Kim Rampaul as the Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Josephine Peichl as the Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Freddy Bouciegues as the Stunt Coordinator
  • Jason Chu as the Stunt

Camera and Electrical Department 

  • Andrew Korner as the Gaffer


  • Xavier coton as the Animator
  • Chris capel as the Animator
  • Laura Lempert as the Animator
  • Warren Grubb as the Animator Supervisor
  • Jennifer Nelson as the Supervising Director
  • Israel Woolfolk as the Animator
  • Jason Spencer as the key Animator
  • Thomas Price as the Animator
  • Manu menéndez as the Animation Supervisor
  • Carrie Oliver as the Online Editor
  • Molly McNaughton as the Finishing Producer
  • Ky Kenyon as the Assistant Editor
  • Doug Delaney as the Senior Supervising Colorist
  • Valerian zamel as the Assistant Editor

Script and Continuity Department

  • Anna Humphries as the Script Supervisor

Additional Crew Members

  • Stella levy as the Production Coordinator
  • Matthais Klages as the Voice Dubbing

Michael B. Jordan Robot Movie Production

Life Hutch was produced in 2021 as the crew members I listed earlier came together to make the script a reality.


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