Street Marvis

Mavis Cane

by David Arndt

Mavis Cane
Going nowhere in the fast lane
Pushes on despite the pain
How she does it I can’t explain
Life for Mavis is a runaway train
Barely meets the rent or eats
She’s not far from living on the streets
Working three jobs a day
No time to get away
On a conveyor belt
Melt melt melt
Normalized reality
Blinding Humanity
Suffering indignities
Mavis Cane’s has seen it all
She took a fall but still stands tall
She has no fear
Pushes away her tears
Despite living a life with endless strife
She is grateful to have a precious life
Mavis has it tough
It’s rough
Bills she can’t pay
So beaten down
Her minds in a haze
Mavis Cane
Her life’s insane
Runaway train
But she carries on
She is strong
Inspires me
To face reality
Abide and be
My dear friends let’s wake up
Haven’t we had enough
Violence and greed
Corrupted seed
Division growing like weeds?
Can’t you see
Things are broke
We’re in a
Death spiral choke
Skeleton hands
Grip our throats
Let’s wake up and be real
Let’s learn how to feel
It’s possible to care
It’s possible to be aware
Let’s build bridges of compassion
Love and compassion never go out of fashion
These stars can guide our way
These dark times can pass away
There is a chance for humanity
We need to shift to the slow lane
All this out of control technology
Is blowing up our brains
Humanities good qualities
Are going down the drain
What we call progress
Causes destruction and pain
Isn’t this obvious
It’s as clear as a window pane
Do I need to explain?
Why are we flushing ourselves
Down the drain?
Mavis Cane I’m so grateful to to you
I know it you can make it we can make it too
We can rise above.
We’ll rise Above with love
Soaring, like a dove
Beneath peaceful Skies.
Can you see this truth
Reflected in my eyes?
Can we start over and try?
We can I swear it’s possible
But we must act now for love and life
If not the changes will be irreversible
I will stop here but ask all of you
Do these words ring true?
Mavis Cane I’m grateful to know you
If you made it we will make it too
You faced your hell
The tolling of the bells
Came out the other side
With so much love inside
Just like you Mavis
We will make it through
I know this to be true
David Arndt August 10, 2022

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