Loving those that love us

Loving Those Who Love Us

by Chinyere Nwosu

 January 24, 2021

loving those who love us is often taken for granted. Sometimes, we believe we are loving them, whereas we may just be taking their presence in our lives for granted. This article suggests seven (7) ways we can show love to those who love us. 

How do we love those who love us?


Love is a word we hear every day. It is one word that means many things and sometimes is misused or misunderstood. Despite these, love is one thing that we all want to have. It is that glue that holds relationships together. It also is the soothing feeling that calms our nerves and the wave of peace that sweeps through us when we know that our family and friends are well, safe, and there for us.

How do you express love?

We express love in different ways. It is in our actions, words, eyes, and gestures.

When we love someone, we behave differently around them, we want to protect them, and we look out for their best interests. Smiling at the people we love is natural. Laughing at their jokes makes our day. We accept them so well that we tolerate them. The list goes on. Love for the people who love us is in our gratitude and value for them. Share your ideas on how we express love by following this link. You may also contact us here.

Here are seven suggestions on how we can show gratitude and value to those who love us

  1. Never take the people who love you for granted.

    They choose to love you, so do not think it is their job to do all the things they do for you. Do not talk down on the things they do for you either. They do everything with good intentions.

    2. Always say please, sorry, and thank you to those who love you.

      Appreciate the little things the people that love you do for you. Apologize when you are wrong and ask for permission to have things whenever necessary.

      3. Be proud of the people that love you.

        Some people are not proud of the people who love them because they do not fit what society labels as cool. The truth is some people wish they had your uncool person in their lives.

        4. Forgive those who love you when they offend you.

          Misunderstandings and offenses will always be a part of relationships because we are unique individuals. Learn to disagree to agree. Learn to grow through conflicts. Remember that those who love you are humans too.

          5. Give gifts to those who love you.

            You do not have to be rich to give gifts. Your gift may be as simple as picking flowers in the field for the person who loves you or taking in the laundry your mum hung outside in the evening. Little gestures go a long way to say, “I love you too”.

            6. Spend time with those who love you.

              Time spent with those who love you is never a waste and comes with benefits. Spending time with those who love you shows them that you love them too. Attend to things they love anytime you can and if you are always busy, create time in your schedule just for them.

              7. Be someone that those who love you can count on whenever they need someone.

                Sometimes, those that love you also need someone to lean on. Even when these people do not ask things of you, make yourself trustworthy and available to them.

                There are many other ways to say I am grateful and appreciative to those who love you. Share your ideas in the comment box below. Or send us a message using this link


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