Life and Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Life and Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of the Queen of England has left many asking about her life. Here we have presented a summary of the life and death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Second Elizabethan Era has ended. Looking to the future. Read about the current King of Britain – His Royal Majesty King Charles III.

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Life and Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth wore a crown she never thought was hers until the abdication of her uncle, George VIII, and automatically, making her father, George VI, the king of England. It was more

like a drastic change in her life, and from that moment on, her life became everybodys. 

Being born first in the royal family means shouldering the responsibilities accustomed to that as the heir apparent.

The Queen’s inheritance after her father passed was more of a colonial chief than a wife and mother. She received from her father the colonies of England, which spring from Asia to

Africa. At her death, she was the Head of State of 14 countries. This is to say that she wore the colonial crown until her death. The Queen died on the 8th day of September 2022, aged 96, in

her bed, as Buckingham Palace announced.

The life of the Queen was full of events, as preordained from the moment she became the heir. Her first assignment was at age 14. She made her first ever public speech to displaced kids torn

apart by the ravaging world war. It was a live broadcast that saw her first stealth move into the public realm. Her second was two years later when she became an honorary in the British army. The Queen was loving her freedom at the time. Every royal family lived with absolute public constraints and affairs; they should be seen as perfect and presented as such. The Queen,

however, was granted an opportunity by the ravaging war. When Britain eventually won the war against Hitler and his allies, the Queen mingled with the public in celebration of the win in her uniform as a military official.


Queen Elizabeth’s Love for Life

The late monarch wasn’t bereft of love. Is love not what everyone out there is looking for? The Queen found her heartthrob in Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Their love life started at a very young age – she was 13 when love swept her away. He was 18 years when they first met. Prince Philip remained married to her till his death on 9th Ap 2021 at age 99.

Philip however, renounced his Greek and Denmark styles as he was born a prince. He fully adopted the British style and changed his surname to that of his maternal grandparents,

Mountbatten. He was the longest-serving Royal consort in British history.


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The Queen’s Lineage and successors

The royal family was blessed with four children who have grown to be distinguished in their different paths. The eldest is Prince Charles, born in 1948, aged 73, who currently is King Charles III of England. He succeeded Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th day of September 2022 when she passed on and put an abrupt end to the Victorian era in British history.

The second child, Princess Anne, was born in 1950 and was the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Andrew is the third child of the late monarch, born on 19th February 1960. He is the Duke of York. The fourth child of the Queen is Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, who was born on the 10th of March 1964.

Following the timely demise of the Queen, her line of succession started manifesting. Presently, her eldest son, Prince Charles, is King Charles III of England, and the heir apparent is his eldest

son, Prince William, the Prince of Wales. After the Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to be is Prince Williams’ eldest son, Prince George of Wales. If you look closely enough, you will

decipher the lines sooner. The heir is transferred from one generation to another.


The Queen and Functions

No one is without issues, not even the Queen. However, she continued going out to embrace duties preordained by fate and nature. She attended a whole lot of functions around the world

and in the UK too, and in 1976 in one of her various functions and tours, she was amongst the first few people to use and send a mail. The following year 1977, she celebrated her silver jubilee.


Annus Horribilis – 1992

The annus horribilis means a horrible year, and it is a year the Queen named after various misfortunes that hit the royal family. The Queen said, “1992 is not a year on which I shall look

back with undiluted pleasure. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an annus horribilis.”

The year 1992 saw events like:

● The end of the Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne’s (Princess Royal) divorce. She was married to Captain Mark Phillips, with whom she had two children – Peter and Zara


● That same year, the Queen’s second son and Duke of York, Prince Andrew, got divorced also.

● One of the Queen’s official residents, Windsor Castle, was gutted by fire.

The Queen pronounced it a horrible year because of the unpleasant events that besieged the royal family – cases of divorce and misconduct, Prince Charle’s infidelity status, public spite, etc.

However, the Queen lost the love of her life and lifelong friend, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh last year, 2021. Though he lived his life fully and died at 99, he remained the Queen’s

husband and best friend. His death might have been a blow to the health of the late monarch, or maybe not. She lived more than a year later and died in her bed at Windsor Castle on September 8, 2022.


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