Learning About Christmas

Christmas is about love

Learning About Christmas

Learning About Christmas is based on the writer’s personal experience. Happy reading.


by Martin Kelechi Godswill


It was beaten into me, for several days and nights. I wonder what is happening with the thought of the birth of the king of kings. Not knowing how to read day into week and month, but then I heard December is the month of birth of Jesus Christ. I began looking forward to it, not knowing how to read days to weeks.

Do you know what happened?

One day I heard it’s here. Soon after, people I knew who were classy enough started returning home.  Oooh! I was full of joy, still not knowing when December was. From that time, I await December asking everyone, when is it? They all said several months to come. Therefore, I decided to learn to read seconds into minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Then I was happy to know when December was getting close. It is a moment of celebration and spirit-lifting because my creator is out on that month from the womb.


Reflection on Learning About Christmas

  • How did you learn about Christmas?
  • What role do you think that culture plays in learning about Christmas?


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