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1 Dollar is equal to 710 Naira in Nigeria today. This simply means $500 will give you #355,000. Learn what to do with your writing to earn from publishing your book. Use Our Writing Formula to publish your book.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing [KDP] is the publishing section Of, where you can publish books. You can publish different types of books  in any format. It could be either

  • Long reads (books with hundreds of pages)
  • Short reads (books with lesser pages) or even
  • Low and no content books like Notebook, Log Book, Sketch Book, Coloring Books, Puzzle Books, Activity Books etc.

Amazon Kindle publishing is FREE and you get patronized from all over the world by over 300M active customers of Amazon and also get paid directly into your bank account. Amazon is not only for self-publishers and it does not require authors or writers alone; even non-writers make good sum of money monthly. Now, it is called self-publishing because unlike normal publishing it is done by the authors themselves. Yes, you don’t have to pay Amazon to publish your book either as Ebook or paperback, even hardcover. All you will do is to upload your book, set price, and Amazon displays your book to its millions of audience.

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Aparna Das Sadhukhan tells her success story with Amazon KDP, and she is not alone. Others like Mark Dawson – Thriller writer, Louise Lennox – Contemporary romance, and Orlando Sanchez – Science fiction and fantasy tell successful stories. Email us at to see how you can begin your journey on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

What We Will Show You

  • Formula to easily generate money on Amazon KDP.
  • Secrets to scale To $5,000+ In Royalties per month.
  • Opportunity to learn from the best in the industry of Amazon KDP.
  • Step-by-step system to set everything in no time.
  • Access to a support group help you were you feel challenged.
  • And so much more.

What You Need To Get Started With Amazon KDP For Smartphone.

  • An Android phone, an Iphone or a Laptop.
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Ability and willingness to learn.

Things You Don’t Need To Get Started With Amazon KPD For Smartphones

  • You Do Not need to be a writer/publisher.
  • You Do Not need to have a previous knowledge on how to write, you’ll be taught.
  • You Do Not need to advertise or look for people to buy your book.

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