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Jobs That AI Will Take Over In The Near Future

If you are an employee, it is necessary to start searching for alternatives if your job is one of the jobs that AI will take over in the near future.

Although not a significant figure of employees have been replaced by AI yet, in the near future, it is nearly certain that AI will take a lot of roles in the business sector.

However, if you are thinking a lot about AI taking your job in the future, this article is for you. Just read on.

Jobs That AI Will Take Over In The Near Future

The list of the jobs AI will take over in the near future discussed here is based on the probability of the development of AI and trends in AI incorporation in work and work-related activities.

Having said that, below is the list of jobs that AI will take over in the near future –

Receptionists –

It is more likely that AI will take over the receptionist role shortly. Many businesses have adapted to the system of using robots as their receptionists to ensure their users’ needs and preferences considered and met.

AI, as a receptionist, will be able to answer calls, talk, listen, and understand the customer’s problem.

Surgical Assistants –

You might be thinking of a Surgical assistant job to be a bit complex for AI, but it is nearly certain that this role might be taken over by AI shortly. However, this will happen with the help of robotic advancement. Already, robotic doctors are capable of performing critical operations, AI are expected to take over from human surgical assistants completely.

The idea of robotic doctors as surgical assistants is remarkable as it will be possible for them to eliminate human errors.

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Customer Service Representative –

Just like Receptionists are similar to Customer Service Representatives, AI is expected to take over from the labourers in this scene.

The work of a Customer Service Representative seems to be solving consumers’ problems by answering their questions and guiding them on the right path to take. AI can be used to provide automated responses to frequently asked questions and others.

These questions may include delivery status, payment confirmation, order cancellation, or refund status.

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Bookkeepers/Accountants –

Businesses have already tried using AI for bookkeeping practices, so far, positive results have been reported.

For AI, its bookkeeping services are considered an efficient accounting system with flexibility and security, comprehending that they are available as cloud-based services. AI will ensure the collection, storage, and analysis of data correctly. 

Also, using an AI accounting service is significantly less costly than paying an employee’s salary to do the same job.

Salespeople –

Possibly, AI might replace Salespeople due to its ability to carry out their tasks effectively.

These days, entities no longer require salespeople for their marketing and advertising activities. And come to think that advertising has shifted towards web and social media landscapes, it will be better for AI to take over from here.

AI can work towards connecting with customers using content engagement strategies, use the self-serve ad marketplaces, and generate ads.

Proofreaders and Translators –

If you have conducted proper research, you will notice that there are a plethora of AI-powered tools available for writers that they can use to check and correct their errors.

With these tools, content writers can check their writing for readability issues, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes.

However, Grammarly and Quilbot are one of the tools for editing. When it comes to translation, tools like DeepL and Google Translate work perfectly.

Courier Services –

It might be difficult to comprehend that entities such as Amazon and Walmart are working on replacing their human courier service providers, such as delivery tasks, with AI.

The steps is already being implemented gradually; it will probably take over the courier services in the future.


There are numerous roles in the business sector that AI will take in the future. Also, many mundane tasks are now automated using robotics. Yet, there are still valuable jobs for humans. Some jobs like – Legal practitioner, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Computer Scientists, Software Developers, etc. are still open for humans. These roles and others that require very high level of organisation skills and creativity remain open for humans as AI may not develop to fill the roles due to the demand and the human touch needed to execute functions.

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