I Too, A Failure!


I Too, A Failure!

I Too, A Failure! – poetry


Don’t ask me,

What my duties are.

I know them all,

But, I do forget.


Don’t ask me,

How I should behave.

Cause I have learnt it well,

But, never applied.


Fault is mine,

Some lathargic disposal.

Mistakes I committed,

Far and wide.


The ones who loved,

Got deprived.

The ones who cared,

Got unseen.


So much did

I lose.


Or I am lazy.


Devoted to

Being a gentleman.

My virtues

Bethroned me.



Every deity.


Every saint.



My forehead.

Necklaced myself,

With sacramentals.


Hoping to change,

But never did I.

Same old mistakes,

Miserable and pathetic.


Got this lady, a bit late.

The love of my life,

The joy of my fate.


She loved,

More than I imagined.

She cared,

More than I deserved.



She made.


She took upon.


Every night,

And every dawn

She devoted herself,

To my requirements.


And it was a catharsis,

I took no notice.

I overlooked,

And fell asleep.


Numerous call she made,

Words and Verses,

All along.


Couldn’t I respond?

Couldn’t I feel?

She was anxious,

Wasn’t she?

She was tensed,

Wasn’t she?


Where was I?

Lost or dead.

Broken or scattered.

Baffled or bewildered.


And here,

I failed again,

And it goes on….


– Saptarshi Chakraborty



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